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About us

Our association stirs the still water of the domestic wood industry by longterm and various projects. We make the co-operation of designers and the industry an everyday practice. Our aim is that people in the street are talking about the Hungarian furniture industry and our members know the actual trends. One of our best projects is the DOWNLOAD DESIGN. This project has resulted in starting a non-traditional co-operation with designers, contractors and users.

The designer and the contractor let the public know the results of their skill and creativity free of charge. Applying the sharing economy model the project is widely available to the general public.  In the open design project the emphasis is on sharing and on co-operation instead of consumption.

 The Furniture Association takes the role of a mediator between the designer and the manufacturer. We organize trainings and conferences and discuss the actual, global tendencies and the creation of a common strategy. 

Our aims with EQ wood project

We would like to take to Hungary the best practice of the global sector. To be a part of this project is a great opportunity to meet people and organizations from the sector.   

Why did we decide to take part in this project? 

To learn from the others, and understand where we are. How we could make it better, what we have to learn, and maybe what we could do better. 

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